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Show Strategy & Training

During the initial interview process we will work with you and your team to recommend a long-term strategy for your brand.  This is YOUR Time and you have the opportunity to focus on any of the following topics and ask for recommendations for strategy. 

Recommendations and Strategy May Include:

  • Show Type and Style
  • Branding, Graphics & Colors
  • Show Guest Requirements
  • Booking Process For Guests
  • Target Social Media Channels
  • Episode Day / Time / Schedules
  • Notifications and Updates
  • Website, Podcast & Promotional Expectations

Branding, Graphics & Social Media

The StreamYard Strategy call will review your social media channels and provide insight for potential promotional activities.

  • How to establish methods to promote all episodes
  • We will review and recommend the show graphics and Social Media Posts
  • We'll review the colors, fonts and logo for the show and as needed
  • Make recommendations  graphic options for each Social Media Platform 
  • Suggest hashtags, keywords to create the channels that do not yet exist
  • We recommend Linkedin Business Page, Facebook Business Page, YouTube and Periscope / Twitter. 
  • Recommend you create the real estate, create content and post consistently 

Broadcast Production

Review broadcasting details that may cover the following:

  • Create a form you can use to book your guests in advance and receive their Image, Bio and Contact information.
  • Once the lineup for the guests are in place develop a process for sending out notifications and updates.  
  • Recommendations on how to promote the episode on Social Media and link to the episodes or your show landing page.
  • How to download the Audio and Video to create a Podcast and Transcription to be developed into a post for your show website, or company website.     
  • Guidelines for production are developed and defined in the Strategy Sessions.  


Our goal for every broadcast is to promote, produce and create visibility for every host

  • Review how every show is different and develops over time with guests, topics and the community you built around the subject.  
  • Our team is dedicated to the best possible outcome and our process has been tested, improved and delivers results.  
  • Our promise it to share how to increase your online visibility, your industry authority and deliver quality content.