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Pirate Crew:
Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs, passionate about Livestreaming and Podcasting
Creating Strategies for Creating Content using video Livestreaming, and Podcasting.
Join the Pirate Crew and learn everything you need to produce a successful show for your business.

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Show up | Go Live | Build Authority

be the thought LEADER in your Industry

Video is the BEST way to amplify your brand, your business

And Create REVENUE

Create Your Visibility

Join the Pirate Crew to develop a content creation strategy for your Livestream Broadcast solution and content creation strategy

Show Up | Go Live

The Pirate Crew will help you develop the ideal broadcasting solution so all you need to do is show up and share your Business Broadcast

Amplify Your Brand

Once completed the content and the message will be converted into multiple content elements.
Words, Images, Audio & Video


Discover How joining the Pirate Crew Saves You Time and Makes You Money

Video is the quickest way to create trust and authority for your business, your brand and your culture 

What You Can Do With The Pirate Crew
~How We Help~

We move you into the spotlight…

 Without the technical challenges or the OVERWHELM


your solution

We share the roadmap and the pirate process for developing your Livestreaming content that builds your brand and helps you complete your journey successfully 


We'll help you create your branding, content and mission


BroadcastING your message

The Pirate Community will be helping you develop Your LiveStream solution will allow you to share your business, your brand and your message in the most powerful method possible.

  • Livestreaming and Recorded VIDEO

The power of video delivers the most Impact for your investment of TIME and effort

We'll develop your long-term strategy that aligns with your existing marketing strategy.


Amplify Your Story

By Joining the Pirate Crew You will learn how to produce the most out of EVERY episode,  DELIVERING a transcription of the message, producING a podcast from the SESSION and expanding your message and amplifying it across multiple media platforms. 

Each element of your content can be repurposed to be broadcast across the Social Media channels of your choice. 

The Pirate Crew is SAVING YOU TIME Without the Overwhelm of  technology of wasting time.


Broadcast Your Brand

Time is our most precious element on earth.

We have spent years developing ways to tell our story.

Create your story using VIDEO to make your IMPACT on the world

The Mission of the Pirate Crew:
Help More People Help More People
#kindnessiscool #smilesarefree

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