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Content creation is the process of creating topic ideas that attract your buyer persona, writing or visualizing information related to those topics, and publishing it as a blog post, infographic video etc.


Where is the first place you go for expert advice or an answer to a burning question? My guess is Google (or your preferred search engine). You’re not alone — Google alone answers over four billion searches on its site every day.

Content creation is the ultimate inbound marketing practice. When you create content, you’re providing useful information to your audience; attracting potential customers to your website; and retaining existing customers through quality engagement.

The Pirate Syndicate Provides Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs The Strategy to Create Video Content. To Be SEEN Be HEARD & Build AUTHORITY

Grow Your Leads, Your Business and Your Revenue Using Video to Create Inbound Marketing


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Create Your Traffic Circle 

Video is the MOST effective way to create visibility 

AND… Your producer takes care of the tech… and you JUST show up 
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