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Learn how to create content. that share the ideas that attract your buyer persona, and build your impact by livestreaming, podcasting and content creation with video.

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THE PIRATE CREW LOVES VIDEO, Livestreaming, Podcasting and
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The Pirate Crew and the community:

  • Access to all content and courses available in the Pirate Syndicate Membership 
  • Access to LIVE weekly workshops the the opportunity to ask questions and get answers
  • Email access for your personal messages and questions. Every email will get a response
  • You will be included in the text messaging tips and ways to expand your brand
  • all interviews and courses created for the community by experts in the industry
  • additional bonus content that will be created from community requests 
  • A cool group of livestreaming podcasting and kindness crew members 

Content creation is the ultimate inbound marketing practice. When you create content, you’re providing useful information to your audience; attracting potential customers to your website; and retaining existing customers through quality engagement.
The only way to be sure your video content is seen by the right people is to have a strategy. Joining the Pirate Crew allows you to get the support and feedback you need to create your ideal content for your community. 

The Pirate Syndicate Provides Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs The Strategy to Create Video Content. To Be SEEN Be HEARD & Build AUTHORITY
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The Pirate Process for Video

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Video is the MOST effective way to create visibility and authority

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