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I was working this morning when Mom knocked on my door.

The answer is always yes when Mom asks for help.

Sometimes, we all need help, and you’ll never know when you’ll need support.

Just like Mom, You may need help, and I love saying yes.

Even if I cannot help you directly, I will help solve the problem with the community.

I reached out to my Sister so we could work together to help Mom with her challenge.

This is what kindness is all about.

Adding value is one thing that we can do to help others. Directly or indirectly.

It costs nothing to be kind. #Kindnessiscool #Smilesarefree.

Make kindness and community a priority, and watch what happens.

Share the message of kindness and learn how you can make it matter.

Create something valuable and support those around you.

It makes a difference.

And Yes, We were able to help Mom. Love You Mom!

Till Tomorrow
Be Different – Be Kind – Be a Pirate

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