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The Challenge

We all have the one thing we want to do in life. You know the thing. That content you want to create. The book you’re going to publish. The trip you’re going to take.

We all have challenges we have to address and make a choice.

We do it, or we delete it from our list. And we often get stuck with an unfinished project and the feeling we have from the task left undone.


What hold you back? What stops you from deciding on moving forward or removing the task from your list and moving on?

Fear of missing out? Like the clothes in the closet, you have not been able to wear for years? The drawer you avoid opening because it’s such a mess?

Creating Content is much the same way. We know it’s there, and we keep it on the list, however, we avoid doing it, and we fail to delete it.

Creative Content

Let’s stop and imagine we have a limited amount of time we have to complete a project.

Like a timer allowing an excellent idea to expire, just like a banana on the counter, you know what I’m talking about.

Since we know that time is the most precious commodity in our lives, why do we imagine we’ll do it tomorrow? Am I the only one? Let me know if this resonates with anyone else.

If we have an idea that we believe may move us forward and help more people, then why wait? Let’s test the message and make it OK to try.

Create that video, Write that article or book or blog.. #makeitmatter


I’m guilty of falling down, falling short of expectations, and just getting distracted by shiny objects all the time. I recognize that I can improve my circumstance when I take action and move forward with an idea.

Or when I say NO Thanks, and move on.

What are your thoughts? Are you being held back? Are you overwhelmed by the challenges? Let’s support each other and #makeitmatter

#kindnessiscool #smilearefree

Enjoy the day Pirates.

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