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What does it mean to be part of the Pirate Crew?

The Challenge

I had a wonderful conversation today about The Pirate Syndicate and its origin.

It's a great question.

The name evolved from the idea of creating content without permission.

Like a Pirate

We can create content, share information, start a business, and generate revenue from Podcasting, Livestreaming, and Content creation.

Just like A Pirate

A Pirate Broadcaster

I created the #piratebroadcast and streamed almost 600 episodes of conversations with interesting people doing interesting things.

My goal was always to create a community and develop an environment where we could hang out and support each other on our journey.

That's when The Pirate Syndicate arrived. 


The Pirate concept was always about independence and being able to create something from an idea and nothing more.

We live in a fantastic time where we can create with the tool we have in our hands (a Phone), and we don't have to ask for permission.

The seed of an idea: Pirate Broadcaster

Several factors would classify a broadcaster as a "Pirate."

Besides not having a valid transmit license, actions like failure to communicate a station identification or exceeding the station's transmit power ( wattage) limit, even if it is simply an amateur radio transmission, can be deemed "pirate." AKA Pirate Broadcaster. 

Not having permission creates the bridge from the Pirate Broadcaster to the Pirate Syndicate.

Syndicate Defined:



  1. a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.

  2. "large-scale buyouts involving a syndicate of financial institutions"

Since we can define a pirate as breaking the rules and a Syndicate as a group of organizations with a common interest involving financial institutions.

It defines The Pirate Syndicate.

Syndicate, in this case, is independent creatives working together for a common interest for their financial institution.

Creative Content

The name has a history as I was involved in radio and had broadcast thousands of hours of programming and supporting the community with traditional advertising.

And as someone that started in advertising and technology, I watched and was involved in many of the evolutions in the industry.

I left the corporate environment and the traditional media machine to become the Admiral at The Pirate Syndicate.


We all have a story and a mission in life when we decide to commit to something meaningful.

My Mission:Help. More People Help More People

If I can amplify your message so you can help more people, we all win.

We will share stories from other creators as The Pirate Syndicate expands and the community engages with other Pirates.

Please share this opportunity with anyone you feel would be a great member of the Pirate Crew. 

Start today and Keep On Creating.

We are always searching for Creative Creators who would fit the Pirate Crew well.

Be Different, Do Better

Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of your attention.”

~Jim Rohn~

#kindnessiscool #smilearefree

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