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What are we learning today? Pirates!

What’s the challenge for the day today?

What Can We Learn?

The Challenge

We must learn new skills in the Creator Economy to accomplish our goals.

The question is, how much do we need to know before we take action?

Sometimes, we get caught in the cycle of “I need to take one more course to be able to launch.”

When it would be better to start, iterate, and learn along the way.

You have a style and how your story and skills will be delivered.

Experiments Become Experience

Learn enough to start and learn as you go through the process.

Unless you’re a Brain Surgeon

Be a Pirate


I’ve taught a lot of people about technology and some very specific skills.

After taking a course or being in a workshop, I see people who launch and learn and others who hesitate and never start.

Taking action to start is the biggest step in creating a successful outcome.

All it takes is a bit of encouragement and support. You Got This!

Creative Content

I recommend starting with something small and simple and practicing.

Create a social post using Canva. Share it with me.

Post a short story on a Social Media of your choice. Keep it simple and share it with the Pirate Crew.

The habit of learning a skill by practicing is very powerful once you let go of the EGO that tells you you’re not ready.

If you feel ready, you’re behind schedule.

You’re a friggin PIRATE. Go For IT!


Surround yourself with motivated and supportive Pirates.

If you want to receive any encouragement, you can always book a call

Start today and Keep On Creating
🏴‍☠️❤️🏴‍☠️ Pirates 🏴‍☠️❤️🏴‍☠️
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