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The Challenge

The challenge we all face is what to create next.
We have an idea and then we fall short and create something we imagine the audience will want to consume.

Is that accurate? Marketing and the creative process are related and not always aligned. We can write what we imagine the community may want to hear, however, we might be better off writing what we are feeling and what we care about at the moment.

Be Brave Be Bold Be Better and see if anyone has a reaction to your expanding your ideas and stretching ideas into new arenas

Test it, Try it out, and see what happens and you may be surprised


What makes your ideas any less than others posting content? NOTHING.

Test and see what you can do to make your ideas and messages resonate with an audience. Your Audience.

Not everything will land with excitement and enthusiasm. SO WHAT?

Creative Content is a personal adventure. Don’t shy away from the adventure.

Experiments Become Experience

Creative Content

We all want to create something someone loves. It’s natural and normal behavior that we all feel as we develop our skills.

The fact remains that many of our efforts will land as rockstar efforts. We can’t hit home runs every time. FACTS of LIFE!

Experiments Become Experience FACTS!

Every bit of creative content you develop becomes another addition to the stack of skills you develop over time.

Creating allows you to learn what you need to continue creating.


I’m writing a newsletter and have never considered myself a “writer”

However, I’ve published hundreds of blogs, articles, and written content. I’ve even published 2 books and will continue to create content that I believe in and feel compelled to share.

There is no right way to create content or develop your voice beyond taking the time to keep on creating content.

WORDS | IMAGES | AUDIO | VIDEO. Pick a platform, push past the fear of being in the spotlight, and keep practicing your skills and sharing your message.

We all have a gift we can share and we’re all capable of the creative process.

Start today and Keep On Creating

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