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Pirates! What a great week.

Let’s keep moving forward, Pirate Crew.

What’s the challenge for the day today?

Are We More Than We Believe?

The Challenge

Sometimes, we don’t attempt something because we feel unprepared.

I’ve stopped pushing forward at times, not because I can’t complete the task, but because I don’t believe it is worth the effort.

You may have heard the quote, “The Juice isn’t worth the Squeeze.”


Are you pushing boulders up a hill for no reason?

Consider what you can remove from your to-do list.

Imagine how much time you would have to work on something you want to pursue.

Imagine, Imagine… Let me know.


In a world of change, we must recognize you can create whatever you desire because YOU ARE THE MEDIA!

You’re a Digital Pirate sailing the interwebs and have the ability to create anything you desire.

We’re surrounded by abundance and opportunity.

Learning how to see past the obstacles and the resistance is the way to succeed on this Pirate Journey.

Start today and Keep On Creating
🏴‍☠️❤️🏴‍☠️ Pirates 🏴‍☠️❤️🏴‍☠️
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And remember, We’re Pirates, and delivering content is more important than errors. Shipping is the promise, not perfection.

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Be a Pirate 🏴‍☠️❤️🏴‍☠️

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