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I’m Turning Obstacles into Opportunities.

I was recently banned from LinkedIn.

I was curious about it and posted it on Twitter and multiple occasions.

I have to remind myself  
“This too shall pass.” 

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The Challenge

When things are going great.

“This too shall pass.”

When it’s going poorly. “This too shall pass.”

And the idea is we all have challenges in our world.

We all have challenges in our life that we have to get through.

We have to work it out.

The opportunities are that we can actually do something incredibly powerful with our knowledge and skill.

I recommend learning some new skills all the time, every single day.

So we can actually grow as individuals and contribute more to society and those around us.

Help more people help more people, as I say.


The mystery we have is what we need to do next.

And you know, when you start your day, you’re creating something or modifying something, and you have to stop and fix something that isn’t correct or needs adjustment.

I was working on an email, for example, and there were a few things that I needed to update, and I wanted to refresh.

Because I’m putting more effort and energy into the newsletter rather than Linkedin, I’m thinking, okay, well, I want to update some content, that is not ideal.

Minor things on my websites and in my email newsletter, in my taglines and things like that.

So, I spend some time doing that.

And there’s always going to be things like that that are going to be challenging. That Is LIFE

Creative Content

They could feel like obstacles.


We need to treat them like opportunities because that’s a learning experience.

That’s something that we can generate some new experiences from.

And experiments become experience.

You know, another thing I say.

So think about generating activity that will move you forward positively.


I’m going to make it clear and concise. You can learn a lot about technology.

I recommend you get a framework in place.

Get a system built.

And use that system consistently, staying present, and putting yourself out there is the biggest thing you can do to make an impact in the world.

As a content creator and somebody that’s been doing this for over a decade, I encourage people to discover new things, learn new things, and put themselves out there every single day and create something new and exciting because, you know…

#kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree,

And I want you to.

Enjoy your day.

See you on the next one.

Start today and Keep On Creating

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