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The long-term roadmap for The Pirate Syndicate.

Now this daily newsletter is out, designed for creators by creators, and I’m always looking for other creators to contribute.

Welcome to the Pirate Community

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The Challenge

Creators need to gain exposure somehow. I have an idea.

The Pirate Syndicate is developing a long-term strategy.

And as we expand what’s happening, I’ll create niche shows.

We’re creating several niche shows, like email podcasting, livestreaming, and text messaging.

Things that creators need to use or techniques you can develop, or skills you can acquire to accomplish your goal and creative process.

Much like. I’m doing here. So.

Then the next step is to take that video podcast.

And create a podcast out of it. And then take the transcription and use that as a blog post. So it goes back to the niche sites.

And you are then again promoted on those sites as a contributor.

I’m developing 12 of those sites now.


And then what I’m looking for is guests that have offers.

And if you still need an offer, let me help you create one.

And we can put something out there in an affiliate offer.

Offers that provide individuals listening to the show, reading the transcripts, and listening to the podcast.

Creative Content

Reading the newsletter can go to your offer and then purchase.

And the beautiful thing about this is you create an affiliate program.

So it comes back to the community and, uh, You know, We can all benefit from the promotion, traffic, and The Pirate Crew.

So I wanted to share this with you because some of the things, let me recap.

So you publish in The Pirate Syndicate newsletter and could become a guest on a niche video podcast. And then, you could promote your affiliate offer.


So it’s a very simple equation and removes the friction from creation.

You don’t have to deal with all of the technology.

And you can be part of the community. So I’m inviting a few individuals in early.

And I am extending the offer to the newsletter to those who open and read it because it’s incredible.

It’s a fantastic opportunity.

And I wanted to put this out there and let you understand what The Pirate Syndicate could be all about.

And so. Drop me a line, DM me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or wherever you hang out. And let’s talk, let’s have a conversation because.

Gratitude for being here, Pirates. Always remember…

Kindness is cool. And smiles are free, and I want you to enjoy your day.

See you on the next one.

Start today and Keep On Creating.

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”

Eckhart Tolle

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