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Ahoy, Pirate Crew.

A 2-Minute Read

Ahoy Pirate Crew.

Today we’re diving into an incredible journey and thought experiment:

How can we learn new things through courses and content?

Or let’s compare this with the rewards of learning from experiments.

What is your preference?

Experiments Become Experience

The Challenge

This challenge has two exciting parts:

Learn Something New:
Dive into a topic you’ve always been curious about.

Take action:
Use your newfound knowledge in the real world.

Why? The beauty of learning comes to life when we use what we’ve learned.

It’s like baking a cake – we gather the ingredients (knowledge), and then we bake it (take action) to enjoy the tasty result (experience)


Before we start this exciting journey, let’s consider some tips:

1. Interest: Choose a topic you’re excited about. It’ll make your learning more enjoyable!

2. Patience: Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is learning or doing. Give it time. Allow 2-3 times longer than expected

3. Try, Try Again: Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. They’re our stepping stones to success! Or, you can decide the process is not worth the progress.

Creative Content

Consume your favorite creators for an extra boost of inspiration:

Imagine how your favorite creators developed their platforms.

Then process and reverse engineer the framework and process.

Consider my current favorite book, “The Creative Act; A Way Of Being” by Rick Rubin. It’s all about how our creative process shapes our ability to learn and grow.

Balance the two paths and find a way that works for your journey and learning style.

Just Start With Something


Learning and doing are two sides of the same golden coin.

We fill our treasure chest with gold coins (knowledge) when we find wisdom.

When we do, we spend those coins and buy priceless experiences.

So, Adventure Seekers, are you ready for this thrilling journey of learning and doing?

Let’s embrace the challenge and celebrate the victories!

You can not teach without learning.

Stay curious and brave, Pirates!

Start today and Keep On Creating.

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