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Welcome back, Pirates.

Thank you so much for being here as we continue to grow.

Every day, new subscribers, and I’m still developing this newsletter a little bit at a time.

I’ve been putting in the time and effort, and I wanted to thank you so much for being here.

Welcome to the Pirate Community

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The Challenge

Please allow me to understand what you’re looking for regarding support.

Assistance in your daily activities.

You know, content creation can become challenging. And it’s always great to have a few ideas that you can use to accomplish that goal.

What are the ideas that I wanted to share with everyone today is the Challenge of getting past.

The Challenge of… of creating content.


What do I write? Or what do I create? Or what do I think about it?

And the considerations you need to think about are.

What do I have to share about my day?

My activities.

Ideas and thoughts. And sometimes, we need a little shot in the arm about that.

Creative Content

And what I’ve been doing is listening to audiobooks.

And I put them on about one and a half speed.

And then.

You know,

listen to them for new ideas or think about different thoughts because sometimes, momentarily, changing your thought process can make a huge difference in what you’re trying to break through.


And then start.

Start writing start creating, start doing.

And the momentum of that activity will help you break free. And so, with that, I wanted to say, Thank you so much again for being here.

I’m Russ Johns. Building The Pirate Syndicate and helping you become a part of the pirate crew.

Let me know what you’re doing.

Look what you’re up to. And, uh, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Take care.

Start today and Keep On Creating.

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