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Being a creator is not an easy task.

It can feel like it is easy because you love what you are doing.

I’m a musician. I won’t say I was because of my ongoing love of the creative process.

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I played professionally and was paid for my time. I loved it.

I loved what I was doing.

And… It never felt like “work,” and it was challenging at the same time.

And still, people asked me when I would quit and get a real job.

Can you relate?

It’s like the idea of passive income.

It takes a lot of effort before you develop “passive income.”

It’s like learning an instrument and mastering a new skill.

People will tell you to stop and get a “REAL” job.

I’m still creating, learning, and developing my creative outcomes.

Don’t allow anyone to steal your dreams.

You’re worth it.

You’re a Pirate. Let’s act like it.

Be Different – Be Kind – Be a Pirate

Till Tomorrow,
#kindnessiscool #smilesarefree

Enjoy the day,

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