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Welcome to the Pirate Community

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There are lots of ideas.
You’re only one conversation away from getting something you need or helping someone in need get what they need.

The Challenge

So many times, so many times, people wait until they’re ready; what typically happens is they never start.

However, if you start and you continue to practice, you improve.

Not only do you improve, but you gain something to work to improve on. So, The body of work you’re accomplishing as a creator is something you can work through, look back on, and practice.

So The Pirate Syndicate is exactly that vehicle that allows creators to create.

And the beauty of what I’m building here, and I invite you to join me on this journey, is the opportunity to create content.

You can publish, and I will help you share this content and make it super easy.

We talk about the challenges. We start with the considerations. We include the concerns.

Let’s consider what creative content we will include in this process.


And then, all of a sudden, the considerations.

What idea are we facing, and what will we face as a result of this challenge as a creator?

And then, you know, how do we walk through this as a, you know, as a community?

What considerations do we need to think about?

What are we going to create to get past it?

And then, what did we learn from it?

What are the conclusions? Get started

Creative Content

And the reason I’m starting with this newsletter is that I can create this on my own, I can practice, and I can craft an outcome.

And as I’m developing this and thinking about other considerations

I’m creating multiple websites and landing pages that offer help with podcasting Livestreaming, email, and text messaging are all the things creators need to accomplish their goal of sharing their brand.

All of these elements are going to help us improve our outcome. So I want to invite you into the community. Sign up for the newsletter.

Sign up below, get to the newsletter, and continue communicating on this platform.


Hit reply. Book a call, DM me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or wherever you happen to be hanging out, and allow a conversation so I can explain some of the details of this creative journey with you.

There are lots of ideas.

You’re only one conversation away from getting something you need or helping someone in need get what they need.

Because the mission here is to Help More People Help More People.

So click down below, and let’s do this together.

I’m Russ Johns, host of The Pirate Syndicate,
Join me because kindness is cool, smiles are free,
and I want you to enjoy your day.

See you on the next one.

Start today and Keep On Creating.

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