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Happy Day Pirates

Quick Question…

When was the last time you created something challenging and gratifying?

Over the weekend, I had two extreme examples of how technology impacts our lives.

On Saturday, I was fully immersed in implementing automation to allow information to flow easily between several programs.

I was really enjoying the progress and how I had to dig to find the ideal solutions to make it all work seamlessly.

I’ve mapped out the solution and have something in place that only nerds would find interesting.

It’s not for everyone. I understand and won’t expand on the details here.

Maybe another time for the Pirates that care to learn. (Workshop?)

I felt very accomplished having solved a challenge on my list, and I finally worked it out and solved my own challenge.

It will save me hours and hours and allow me to help others with their automation. Let me know if you’re struggling to make the connections.

Then Sunday was so challenging, I mean huge,

I was ready to discover what other solutions I could develop.

Then it happened…. NO INTERNET. NOOOO!! The dreaded outage.

I survived and resorted to paper and pen to determine the next steps.

I survived and discovered I could survive being offline.

I’m still here and wanted to create another simple message to let you know I’m OK, and I hope you’re doing the same.

So, I ask you?
Simple, Complex, or somewhere in-between?

#kindnessiscool #smilesarefree

Be a Pirate – Be Different – Be Kind

PS: I finally got my internet back.

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