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Introducing Another Pirate Guest and Creator.

Marcia Reece is on a mission to SAVE LIVES and KILL GERMS.

Meet Marcia, Founder of Staywell Copper

Marcia holds 7 patents and is the pioneer and marketing genius behind world-famous Sidewalk Chalk and Geleez, the first gel-filled wrist rest for comfortable keyboard/mouse use.

Marcia brings her high-energy and content-rich presentations to serve audiences around the world. She distinguishes, defines, and solves the relationship mysteries.

She is a friend and an amazing Pirate.

Thank you for the contribution

The Challenge

Where do your ideas to create a new product come from? 


Think about what isn’t going right in your life; what “thing” do you do that is unnecessarily hard; doesn’t work right; or makes you stop and say, “there must be a better way”. That’s where to begin your focus. Then research how many other friends have the same problem. If it repeatedly comes up as a problem or a stumbling block for your friends, you may be on to something worth putting some creative time into.

Creative Content

When I am trying to solve a problem, I always ask myself: 1- is there a better way 2- what might that better way look like 3- who do I need to talk with to formulate my “better way idea” 4- do lots and lots of research 5- once you have a solution, build the prototype and then have your trusted friends try your idea and see if it solves the problem.


Never be afraid to try. Never be afraid to fail. Many, many times people ask me when I plan to retire. I answer, “Never”. You see, I absolutely love what I do. I love bringing simple, affordable solutions to everyday problems. And while the process is invigorating, the end result is what drives me. To hear a little girl’s voice in a big Toys R Us store say, “Mommy, mommy if you will buy me this, it’s all I will ever want!” and to walk around two aisles and see her holding a bucket of my company’s Our Kids Sidewalk Chalk is the best feeling in the entire world. (Yes, I’m the lady who invented Sidewalk Chalk in 1981.) It’s a feeling that money cannot buy; it’s a feeling you hold in your heart and know that you made a difference in our world. To hear a stranger say to me that they haven’t had a cold for two years because they use StayWell® Copper every day – when they didn’t know I created that company… Well, it’s hard to put into words the feeling that comes over you knowing you met your life’s goal of bringing an affordable solution to everyday problems. You made people’s lives happier and healthier. Yes, I’ve paid a price to walk my own path, but it’s been so worth it and has brought so much joy to so many. I have been truly blessed to have a creative mind and the stamina and skill to bring an idea to fruition. I am grateful to so many who have walked my journey with me. I am lucky enough to live the All American Dream and that’s what I wish for you. Reach out to me; I’ll help you however I can.

Start today and Keep On Creating.

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