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Let’s get real, Pirates!

What’s the challenge for the day today?

Reminding ourselves that it will take time.

The Challenge

We’re so excited when we first develop a new idea.

We know it will work, and people will LOVE what we create.

Or at least some people will love it. Right?

We may not always get the response we are expecting every time.

It’s Normal.


Not everyone is exactly where you are right now.

And that’s OK.

You just need to be a little further ahead of your ideal audience.

If you can offer more experience or introduce others with more experience to deliver value to the community… You can succeed.

You just have to avoid not to giving up. DON’T QUIT

And you have to decide if the juice is worth the squeeze.

Creative Content

Content creation can be challenging and something that takes time.

Teaching and sharing tips from your experience, researching, or by organization experts to share their experience takes time.

And anything that takes time can be challenging when you’re tired and unmotivated.

Stay with it for the great goals and the reward of the value you share.

This will be issue 124. I want to thank the other authors that have contributed. Jordan, Marcia, Howard, April, and Pooja.

Gratitude for the contributors and all the wonderful support for you and the Pirates. Thank You.

The WHY of my creation is bigger than the WHY for stopping.

MY MISSION: Help More People Help More People.

You make a difference in my world when can make a difference in your world.

Thanks for being a PIrate


It’s challenging to fail if you don’t quit.

You’re a Digital Pirate, and we’re sailing together on this journey to make a difference and positively impact the world. #MakeItMatter

We’re surrounded by abundance and opportunity. Let’s support the community to succeed on this Pirate Journey.

Start today and Keep On Creating
🏴‍☠️❤️🏴‍☠️ Pirates 🏴‍☠️❤️🏴‍☠️
#kindnessiscool #smilesarefree

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Plus a Bonus

Unapologetically Imperfect Copy—This message is handcrafted, forged in a furnace of creativity, and edited with one eye open. It was created with gratitude and sent without filters. There was no team to review, editors for editorials, or fancy revisions… As a result, I promise some typos, grammatical errors, or literary mishaps will appear and make grammar teachers cringe. (Relax teach)

And remember, We’re Pirates, and delivering content is more important than errors. Shipping is the promise, not perfection.

***I use affiliate links to support this journey at no extra cost to you.

Be a Pirate

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