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It’s a delicate art.

It requires an understanding of both the audience and the subject matter and a firm grasp of language and writing conventions.

I continue to practice the skill of writing.

To make something “simple” means to find a way to express it without introducing too much jargon or detail that could overwhelm the audience.


Have you heard of the curse of knowledge?

It’s what happens when a creator becomes so familiar with a topic that they assume the audience knows all the same information, making the explanation overly complex.

Guilty as charged.

Finding ways to simplify complex topics and concepts without sacrificing accuracy or clarity is essential to writing or teaching a topic effortlessly.


As content or course creators, we often must provide as much information as possible to add value. And at the same time, not overwhelm the audience with so much information they go numb from the information overload.

If you’re guilty of delivering complex sentences and jargon, consider what you can do to make the content more accessible.

First, confirm each detail is necessary for learning the concept at hand. Would the sentence still make sense without a particular component or phrase? If so, consider leaving it out or replacing it with more straightforward wording.

Creative Content

I’ve had to slow down and create step-by-step outlines to ensure I have all the elements needed for the instruction of the topic. I have learned from experience that I often skip details I assume people know, and it’s seldom common knowledge.

Unfortunately, it’s not always something someone knows without experience.

Slow it down and ask questions.


 The way I’ve explained it in the past is that imagine you’re in a line, and there are people in front of you and people behind you.

Some people will know more, and others will know less.

Teach people where they are in the topic so you can create value in their lives.

Move them further up in line.

Teach what you enjoy and share as much as possible.

Start today and Keep On Creating.

What kind of Content do you create?

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