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Welcome to The Pirate Syndicate Newsletter.

In this newsletter, I wanted to Have You Help Me Help You.

Welcome to the Pirate Community

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The Pirate Syndicate newsletter is designed to be a clear, concise, two-minute read for easy access and results.

Mindset. Techniques. Tips and Recommendations on software, whatever it happens to be. And the goal is to include other creators in this newsletter.

So when I am asking…

Let Me Help You Help Me Help You Become a Pirate

I want to have you contribute to the newsletter so I can help you promote your content. Your courses. Your creativity.

Whatever it happens to be. So we can work together, collaborate and provide solutions.

The Challenge

Outline a challenge.

What is the challenge you solve with your solution?

Oh, there are lots of challenges we all face.

What’s the problem we’re solving? And then outline the considerations.


What are the considerations we need to think about to accomplish our goal?

What does that look like? What does what’s necessary?

We can provide clear, concise, simple, quick answers to the creator community.

Creative Content

Also, what creative content can we develop after going through this process?

What do we need to accomplish? What is the transformation we’re going to think about?


And then last but not least, I want to wrap it up with a conclusion that allows individuals to decide. “This is amazing.” 

I want to learn more about these individuals, and I want to follow them like them.

Create a relationship with them. And potentially purchase their product or service.

And also allow people to understand what you do and how you do it.

Who you help and how you help them.

It’s a simple equation, and that’s what The Pirate Syndicate is about.

I’m inviting creators to join the adventure.

That’s why we share “Content for Creators by Creators.”

So I invite you to reach out to me. Book and book a call. Schedule a time. Let’s talk because kindness is cool, and smiles are free.

I’ll see you on the next one. Take care.

Start today and Keep On Creating.

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