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The ideas that stick and hang on are those that speak to you.

We may have a thought and say that’s a great idea.

Then we go on about our day and don’t take action.

We’ve all had moments when we see something we imagined and then let it go.

Years later, we see someone had a similar idea and took action.

We say to ourselves, I thought about that ten years ago… AND

You didn’t take action.

I listened to an audiobook by Elizabeth Gilbert called Big Magic.

The idea stuck with me just like the Pirate Syndicate has retained my focus on supporting the creator community.

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I’m still dedicated to the idea of #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree.

I have so many opportunities I want to share with the community, and I look forward to our continued expansion and support.

You’re a Pirate and have the opportunity to create your own Big Magic.

Till Tomorrow,
Be Different – Be Kind – Be a Pirate

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