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Happy Day Pirates.
In business, it’s all about creating systems.
Let’s talk about it.

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The Challenge

Some of the world’s most influential and wealthy businesses have developed systems.

Year over year. They create and improve their systems.

Think about McDonald’s.

You don’t go through McDonald’s and order without having them ask, would you like to add fries to that?

Or would you like to make that a large drink or some other upsale?


Creating content as much is the same way you have to develop systems that allow you actually to generate an outcome.

And I use systems for this issue of The Pirate Syndicate Newsletter

I’m recording this right now on Descript.

Using Descript, we’ll take this audio, transpose it and transcribe it into a text document. Where then, I will edit using Grammarly and add that to the newsletter.

As content for the challenges, the considerations.

The creative content and the wrap-up.

Creating Systems

Creative Content

We are creating systems for consistency.

And when people have a consistent outcome, they know what to expect, are always more effective, appreciate what you’re doing, and know what to do next.

They know what to do next, and I want to help you help me help You.

Because, as a creator, I want to help more people help more people.

And you have the opportunity to join the Pirate Crew.

Creating Content For Creators By Creators


Contribute and understand what it means to be a creator that has a platform.

So join me, DM me or reply to this email.

And let’s connect. Just click down below. And BookRuss.

And let’s get going because kindness is cool. And smiles are free.

And I want you to enjoy your day.

I’ll see you on the next one.

Start today and Keep On Creating

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