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Creating a community outside social media is essential to minimize the risk of losing access to your accounts.

Just in case of a data breach, system failure, or other technical issues.

Like Getting Banned!

The Challenge

I woke up today thinking I would have great engagement on Linkedin as I created an EPIC post. (or so I thought)

However, I had almost ZERO engagement, and then I had several messages from a few Pirates that my link was broker to Linkedin.

Nothing to worry about. It could be a typo. No big deal.

After investigating it further, I discovered that my profile was missing. GONE or BANNED? I had no idea.

I’ve been on Linkedin since 2005 and have never had any issues, and I have 26,866 followers. Imagine the feeling

When I copy my URL into a Browser I receive the following.



If Linkedin has banned you (or any other platform), use other options to protect your access to your contacts. Hopefully, you’ve been developing relationships offline and creating your email list.

If not, start now. Create a newsletter just like this and get started.

Focus on using email and creating an email campaign to update your community. Don’t spam anyone, and keep growing your best asset.

Your List!

Additionally, utilize your other social media accounts to provide more redundancy and improve access to your contacts.

Build Your Community

Understand the terms of service set forth by each platform to avoid your account getting banned. Ensure you’re engaging with the community respectfully and not violating rules or regulations.

We only rent space on other platforms. We don’t own it.

Creating Content

Having your account banned or deleted or whatever might happen is not any fun. It can be frustrating. 

NO, It is frustrating, and the time we lose working to regain the days, weeks, months, and years it takes to create a community is a challenging task.

Protect yourself.

For The Love of All Things Holy!!!

Create Redundancy While Building In Public


We all have a reason to do what we’re doing. Hopefully, we know why we’re doing it.

My Mission: Help More People Help More People

I’m not giving up. On the contrary, I will work harder to create my list and invite as many creators to the journey as possible.

I would rather have a thousand true fans than a million strangers.

If you know any creators that need this content… Please share it.

Start today and Keep On Creating.

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