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I’m been busy creating and want to help you create as well.

Happy Day Pirates!

The Challenge

I’m looking forward to this journey and the opportunity to grow together as a community.

I’ve been slowly expanding on the newsletter, and thank you for being here.

I truly appreciate you being part of the community.

I’m inviting other creators to contribute, so if you would like to share your skills with the community, please let me know.

Let’s Talk.


So, what would I write about?

And why would I want to?

If you’re a creator, and you’re like I am, you have to create something somewhere.

Posting as the Pirate Crew will introduce you to a new audience of wonderful creators.

What are the reasons to contribute?

I’m glad you asked. Here are a few items

Author page

Links to your offers

Others to connect with you

Get scheduled for an upcoming Livestream Podcast

And Be a Pirate and Help More People Help More People

Kindnessiscool – Smilesarefree

Creative Content

We all want to create something someone loves.

Creating an issue of the Pirate Newsletter is a simple process. You’ll love it.

As you know by reading this, each issue has a very similar format with a creative push now and then. 🏴‍☠️❤️🏴‍☠️

I have made it a straightforward process. I’ll share it with you when we connect.

I have a few more creative things to invite collaboration.

And I want to help you succeed.


There is nothing stopping you but you.

The biggest challenge is starting.

And the creative process is vital to understand how we can create anything from a blank slate.

However, the Pirate Newsletter is designed to inspire and support Content Creators that are Solopreneurs or developing to be one in the Creator economy.

The Pirate Crew will continue to expand, and I invite you to be part of the crew.

It’s a journey.

Start Building, Measuring, Adjusting, and Improving.

Creating is the foundation of everything we do as a creator.

Build something. Get a response. And then improve that response and work to improve.

Go out and create something extraordinary today.

Start today and Keep On Creating

Creator Contribution – The Pirate Syndicate

Creator Contribution.
Just use this link to include your content in the Pirate Newsletter and become part of the Pirate Crew.

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