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The Challenge

When you first begin the creative journey it’s exciting and new. The journey is fresh and we often ask ourselves, Am I doing this right?

You have the opportunity to create your own rules and you have permission to create anything you want to create. Every Single Day

This is the time to create your own rules and your own journey.


The idea of The Pirate Syndicate was developed from the laws that exist in broadcasting around who can create radio or television stations.

If you’re not licensed to broadcast by the government organization, you’re called a Pirate Broadcaster. I created a livestream called the #Piratebroadcast

The goal was to share that if you’re a content creator you’re a Pirate and we need a community.

The community of creators is now The Pirate Syndicate

We’re all making our own rules and invite you to share the community with someone that needs to know #kindnessiscool #smilesarefree

Creative Content

Back to the RULES!

When you start the creative process you have a few ideas of where you want to go and you’re still attempting to figure a few things out.

We think we know what the outcomes will be for our creative journey, however, the journey ofter delivers much different results.

I’ve created so many things that I thought solved a problem and people would love and purchase. In the end, Crickets… An entire box of NOPE. Nadda

The goal we imagine may not be the outcome that is produced.

We all have the ability to adjust and keep on creating.

Make Your Own Rules!


We will never know what our community will resonate with so be flexible.

Stay curious and don’t be discouraged by the changes in the environment. You may find they turn into a benefit instead of a challenge.

You have so many options to create content as I mentioned yesterday.


Starting is the most important part of the process. Pick and idea and start creating something.

We can continue to make improvements and adjustments along the way.

Don’t limit your expectations and let’s not use too many rules as we begin the journey.

We all have a gift we can share and we’re all capable of the creative process.

Start today and Keep On Creating

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