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One of the things I’ve discovered along my journey is that something challenging will always happen.

There’s always going to be something that is going to take place.

Are you Resilient?

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The Challenge

An attempt to derail your progress, whether it’s the simple thing like I’m attempting to get my newsletter out.

I need to update the website because I will highlight that in the newsletter and ensure everything’s correct.

And some things need to be up to speed.

And so you stop and do that task to accomplish your primary goal. The reality is this always happens when discussing any creative process. You know, it’s as simple as I have to sharpen my pencil to accomplish my writing, drawing, or something like that.

We all have challenges that we have to deal with to accomplish our goals, and that’s the value of having resiliency.

That’s why we must build this muscle and say; this too shall pass this idea that we always have easy-flowing things. It’s not the way life takes place. And the reason why we run into challenges is because we have the opportunity to grow.

Life throws us challenges to accomplish our growth.

This is a normal process of life.

You don’t get muscles without effort.

You don’t get smarter by not thinking about things, doing things, studying, or learning about things. And every time we have this challenge, we must think about the challenge we’re looking to overcome.

What are the considerations we need to think about?


The considerations are this.

The reality is once you accept the daily opportunities that will disrupt your day, the things that will challenge us, and quit getting frustrated and angry, you can move on quicker.

Stop Getting frustrated by the opportunities to learn something new.

The opportunities are in the obstacles, and we must consider what an obstacle can teach us. Whether it’s a skill we’re learning or a chance to learn something new in our process, update our workflow, build our strategy, or put our systems in place.

These things depend on creating skills and creating systems, workflows, and frameworks.

So the sooner we adopt that mentality of I have a system in place to manage this challenge, the better off we’ll be.

When creating content, we want to ensure we have a mindset of building a framework, creating something valuable for us to move forward with, and adopting the least path of resistance.

Remove the friction from the goal we’re achieving. Anything we can do to make it easier, more viable and remove that friction will be better for us as a creator, the audience, and the consumer.

So I wanted to drop this lesson to you and make sure you can ask, what are you building your framework with?

Creative Content

What are you creating regarding your systems and solutions for your business? The creative process is challenging, especially when working from a blank slate.

Create your frameworks, solutions, and systems in your creative process.

So thank you for your creative work. Such a Pirate 🏴‍☠️❤️🏴‍☠️

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Make sure we have a chance to have a conversation because kindness is cool, and smiles are free.

And I want you to Enjoy your day. See you on the next one.

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