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67 Days, 10 States, and thousands of miles

Every now and then, we have to take a break and reflect on life and what we’re doing daily.

Rest, Reflect, and Recover

The Challenge

As a creative, I have to take a break and develop a few fresh ideas for what I’m going in my life. But unfortunately, not everyone can take a break, travel, and see the country.

I was stuck in a place I had to climb out of and desperately needed a change. A change of scenery, a new environment, and a shock to the creative system.

Windshield time was calling me, and I took the call.


When we can turn everything off and allow ourselves to think, reflect and listen to the world around us… something special happens. We hear ourselves think and learn what we are developing in our imagination. What was once a cloudly passing thought evolves into a form we can see growing.

Imagination becomes an idea, and then the idea becomes a plan, and that plan erupts into action.

This content results from windshield time over thousands of miles and days of reflection.

It was worth the journey,

Time, Patience, and Consideration.

Creative Content

Next Steps

Apply the time, effort, and energy to the outcomes the ideas have delivered. Finally, document the process and share the process with the community.

Documenting the journey may feel uncomfortable for some, and an exciting way of expressing creativity to others.

How do you feel about the creative process? What have you learned from your creative trials?

We all have our process to create, learn and evolve and I loved the last few months of travel and adventure. I feel revitalized.


I have been in some very dark moments and endured challenges I would not want to share with anyone. However, learning what I must do to restore my creativity has been learned over the years. We should all understand how to regain our creative spark when we encounter the lights going out.

Go out and create today.

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Such a Pirate

Start today and Keep On Creating.

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