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What they say

Russ is one of the best livestreaming experts, trainers, coaches, and educators not only on Linkedin but on the Internet, period. Russ knows his stuff. With 500 (!!!) episodes recorded at the time of this writing, do you even doubt that you are dealing with an absolute master of live stream video? Livestreaming is such a powerful business tool and I highly recommend that all businesses who want to see their popularity explode hire Russ immediately! You will be in excellent hands.

Krista Mollion
Business and Marketing Strategy

I have known Russ for a little over a year now and I am so very grateful that we have connected.
Russ is one of the coolest people I know on LinkedIn. He is a genuine and caring professional who loves to shine the spotlight on others...which is just one of the many reasons I wanted to recommend him.
You can catch Russ every weekday on LinkedIn Live where he is doing his #PirateBroadcast

He is all about showcasing interesting people doing interesting things!

His tagline really shows his personality because he is always saying #KindnessIsCool and #SmilesAreFree
Do yourself a favor and connect of follow Russ. You will be very glad that you did! Namaste 🙏 🖖

Jeff Young 
#TheLinkedInGuru (Teacher)

And Podcasting

Developing a show and interviewing so many guests have created an amazing network, revenue and real relationships

Real Relationships

Creating a Livestreaming show has a way of developing so many incredible relationships that you will be amazed

Real Revenue

If you have an existing business, Livestreaming is hands down the best way to develop a business conversation. 

Real Confidence 

It's always amazed me that the place we start and the place we end up evolves over time.  Your message, skills and ideas develop over multiple conversations

Creative Conversations 

I'm always curious about people and I encourage my clients to be curious as well. You never know where the conversation will take you when you're willing to be curious.