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Nothing But Opportunity…
Unless Nobody Knows About It

You can take advantage of this EXCLUSIVE offer today
launch with a One-Time Setup Fee
With Options That You Design

(without the headache)

This exclusive offer is intended for partners producing events and a desire to increase their promotional efforts. 

We will  create a Livestream Program, a Podcast and multiple Social Media Posts  to promote your event.

Additionally, we will create a landing page linked to your offer to track affiliate sales as desired. 

You have a goal for your event and you have a mission to make it the best event possible. 

We all know that without adequate marketing and outreach, attendance may not reach your goals

Let's Launch YOUR Promotions BEFORE You Panic
Landing Page, LIVESTREAM, Podcast and Content Creation
Social Media and AND Outreach



Livestream EPISODES
 Recorded for event promotion

We will select a time to create weekly show to be produced to promote your event. 
Each episode will provide a 30 minute episode each week or (more frequent) to provide the support you need to get your event announced and promoted


Audio Podcast Created From 
Every Episode

Every weekly episode will also provide a podcast episode to create another promotional opportunity to share and talk about the event. 

Longer-term, the podcast will provide you with additional content for your business and brand. 


Six Social Media Posts Per episode.

Every episode will include SIX (6) social media posts to promote the event in advance, by capturing content during the show with soundbites and additional content after the show has been produced 


15-30-Minute Episodes

~Episodes will be between 15-30 minutes in duration and time included  in advance to check your Mic, Lighting and Audio. 
It is all about creating a buzz for the event. 


landing page(s)

We also provide an event specific landing page that will be used for a call to action from social media to track performance and progress. 



As a full service opportunity, we will also provide paid promotional support and assist you in campaign design and implementation. 


Your Own Dedicated Producer

This opportunity includes a professional remote producer so you know that everything is taken care of.  You Have The Guide by Your Side

You can interview your community to create content.


Coaching & Strategy

Worth the Investment alone.  Receiving coaching  typically costs more (without the production) and will provide you with decades of knowledge you can't find anywhere else.   A Guide By Your Side.



We have included the opportunity to use additional resources to create outbound campaigns to notify people about the event. 


Recording and Editing

We promote the idea that there will always be a next event and one of the most effective ways to begin the next event is by recording and capturing content for the next event.  

Let's get started…

Promoting Your Event
As Team Effort
~One-Time Setup Fee~
Select Your Options
We'll include it in the event.

The WIN - WIN - WIN Formula 
The EVENT Wins
You Win and We Win 

Do You Have Affiliates?

Developing your affiliate network can maximize your attendance and revenue opportunities. 
We can support your journey and create the solutions you need to support your affiliate community.

Produce a Show

We will produce a show on the, share and promote the events and opportunities. This promotional effort will be used to book calls & sales and attendance for the event

Promote A PRoduct

Additionally, this content creates an opportunity to continue the promotion of your products and services as well as creating social media content to also share out to the community as you grow your audience.

pay a COmmission

The landing page will be created to link to your affiliate programs for tracking to generate commissions for any future sales from promotional efforts through affiliate sales.

Creating Content Via a Livestream has Generated More Revenue Than Any Other Effort In My Business. 

   ~Russ Johns~