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If you are lucky enough to meet someone as passionate about their client's as Russ is about his clients and guests, then you are lucky one person. He has a huge passion for his client's success and growth. He is always professional, and working to find opportunities to help you shine as an entrepreneur or podcaster! If you get a chance to sit down with him (in person or via Zoom) do it! His light and strive for success just oozes from him like sunshine! You won't be sorry!

Scott Carson- Investor, Entrepreneur, Marketer and Podcast Host


Russ is one of the coolest people I know on LinkedIn. He is a genuine and caring professional who loves to shine the spotlight on others...which is just one of the many reasons I wanted to recommend him.

You can catch Russ every weekday on LinkedIn Live where he is doing his #PirateBroadcast

He is all about showcasing interesting people doing interesting things!

His tagline really shows his personality because he is always saying #KindnessIsCool and #SmilesAreFreeDo yourself a favor and connect of follow Russ.

You will be very glad that you did! Namaste 🙏 🖖 

Jeff Young- #TheLinkedInGuru (Teacher), Professional Networker