Podcast Promotion

3 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

This lesson is designed to deliver several tips, tactics, and recommendations to grow your podcast.

During this lesson, we will identify several ways you have an opportunity to grow your podcast and engage your community. 

Podcasting is all about community and building relationships, and adding value to your audience.

Create a workflow that works for your schedule, your ideas, and your personality. 

Whenever possible, make your workflow easier rather than creating work for yourself. 

This way, the process will be much more enjoyable. 

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Course Structure

Introduction to Podcast Promotion


I’m going to share an overview of what it's like to create a podcast to continue to grow an audience and build a community around your ideas and your subject. 

We’re going to be covering several different methods and strategies you can use to continue to grow your podcast. 

I wanted to share a few ideas before we get started.

Consider the Process

Just a few thoughts about Podcasting and Promotion 

We all have a gift and we all have a message to share and I want to present a couple of philosophies for the promotion of your podcast before we get started.

I know there's a lot of stress going into it a lot of moving parts and a lot of things that we can do or we believe we can do, however, I want you to remember that being perfectly imperfect is about being yourself and attracting a community. 

People will understand the subject how to learn more about what you're delivering and then they will learn from you and it's your personality your delivery and the way that you present information that makes a difference.

Progress and Promotion

Now that we've outlined the basics let's get the party started.

Jump in as I share a few strategies with you

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