Dubb Templates and Linkedin Connections

This is an introduction to the creative process of Dubb Templates

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Podcast Promotion

This lesson is designed to deliver several tips, tactics, and recommendations to grow your podcast.

During this lesson, we will identify several ways you have an opportunity to grow your podcast and engage your community. 

Podcasting is all about community and building relationships, and adding value to your audience.

Create a workflow that works for your schedule, your ideas, and your personality. 

Whenever possible, make your workflow easier rather than creating work for yourself. 

This way, the process will be much more enjoyable. 

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Auphonic Production

this tutorial outlines the requirements to create a preset with Auphonic and automate the connection to other services after your files are processed. 

Streamyard Tutorial

We cover every element of the production process. 


Production Solutions and Workflow

This is an outline of all the tools, solutions, and processes to create your live streaming production.
This includes everything necessary to create your very own broadcast.  

I'll outline everything I use and how to apply it to your process and workflow. 

If you have questions and need additional help, please let us know. 



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Dubb Automation

This course is part of the Dubb workshop that outlines how to use vu=ideo to grow your podcast and generate leads.

This is one of many courses that will be created to support the use of Dubb. 

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