Livestream Podcast for Channel Mastered 

Gratitude for your Time

The Pirate Syndicate is extending this EXCLUSIVE offer to Channel Mastered.

The goal of this personalized program is to create exposure and introductions to new business opportunities

Our mutual goal is to develop and expand the Channel Mastered communities that are not currently familiar with our valuable services. We will be using LIvestreaming, Podcasting and Content Creation to develop your visibility. 

Ready To Launch YOUR LIVESTREAM Podcast?



Support & Develop the Show Branding, Look and Feel that supports your goals

Create the show graphics and production elements required to expand your brand.
Approval Required 

Your Role:
Your role is to approve.


Create a Weekly EPISODe
Remotely Recorded and Produced

We will select a time for your weekly show to be produced by The Pirate Syndicate Channel Mastered
Each week we will produce a 30 minute episode and the provide the support you need to launch your show. 

Your Role:
Be available for the show


Creating a Booking and scheduling solution that works for you

We'll develop a booking schedule that allows you to know what is scheduled and any details about a show or guest.  (Automation)

Your Role:
To approve the schedule.


Audio Podcast Created from Every Livestream

After each episode, The Pirate Syndicate will create and produce a podcast episode. (on Channel Mastered Hosting)

The podcast will provide you with additional content for your business and brand. 

Your Role:

Share it with your community


Six Social Media Posts Per episode.

The Pirate Syndicate will provide SIX (6) social media posts; one to promote the livestream one for the podcast episode in advance, and the others will be captured during each show to be posted after the Livestream has aired.

Your Role:
Share it with your community


Develop a dedicated show page

TO DISCUSS - On Channel Mastered Website
The Pirate Syndicate will create a dedicated show page to host all of the episodes and promote your service opportunities. We'll coordinate the effort to ensure the brand is in alignment with your goals. 

Your Role:
Your role is to approve.


Your Own Dedicated Producer

This offer is an incredible opportunity to learn from a professional remote producer or have the comfort of just showing up to the mic, knowing that everything is taken care of.  
You Have The Guide by Your Sideā€¦ Justsayin

Your Role: 

Enjoy the experience


Revenue Model goal

The production of the show will increase conversations and promotion of the brand for people to take action

  • Introductions
  • Connections
  • Relationships
  • Lead Generation

Your Role:
Your role is to approve.

The primary goal of this production will be to introduce you to your ideal client and develop long-term relationships with individuals positioned to purchase or refer business to you and your training. 

The Pirate Syndicate will be work on introductions and recommendations in order to support your long-term business goals. 

Our mutual goal will be to promote your business and increase your visibility across multiple platforms and industries. 

~*This Opportunity Requires a 6 Month Commitment~

Production Per Episode - $300
Setup and Strategy Fees Waived

~Included in this program~
Invitation Automation
Show Production
Podcast Production
Video Editing (Show Clips)
 Personal Show Page Updates
Social Media Content Support

Creating a Livestream has Generated More Revenue Than Any Other Effort In My Business. 

Lets get started!