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This Course Is Not About LIVESTREAMING

I'm known for LIVESTREAMING Video at the #piratebroadcast and this course is focused on booking the conversations that grow your business. 

When you want to reach more people, create relationships and grow your business, Video is the best way to build your authority and visibility.  

I have spent YEARS crafting this process and I'm now sharing it with YOU. 

About The Course Captain,
Russ Johns

Russ is a seasoned video creator, and host of the #piratebroadcast.  A podcast with over 500 episodes.  He's created a variety of techniques in order to accomplish his online goals and he wants to share these with a his current and future friends.  He has experience in Marketing, Sales, Video, Website design, podcasting and many other talents.  

Don't miss his Free Webinars, or just sign up for one of the online courses.

Every course is designed to improve your online presence and provide your desired outcome.

Why Russ? Why Video? 

Krista Mollion

Business and marketing strategy

Just Hire Russ

Russ is one of the best livestreaming experts, trainers, coaches, and educators not only on Linkedin but on the Internet, period. Livestreaming is such a powerful business tool and I highly recommend that all businesses who want to see their popularity explode hire Russ immediately! You will be in excellent hands. 

Wendy Weiner Runge

Award Winning Film producer

A Very Cool Pirate

Russ Johns is the professional mensch that you want in your corner, on your team, standing behind your project, and raining his kindness, wisdom, and sense of fun onto every situation. Russ is the coolest, most compassionate, and smartest Pirate to ever sail the 7 seas.

Shane Hennesey

Licensed Professional Counselor

Marketing Support

Russ has been instrumental in helping me expand my marketing reach. Perhaps even more importantly, he's provided education and encouragement in the realm of content creation and podcasting. Russ is a wealth of knowledge and experience with a big dose of willing to help.

 87% of Marketing Professionals Prefer Using Video as a Marketing Tool

There are many businesses using video as a marketing tool.

Increased video use for marketing also means an increase in competition.

How is the to use video in your business and start to create a way to increase your ability to be seen and noticed by your ideal prospect. 

This course will deliver the exact process to allow you to book more business. 

A few recommendations | Invest in Your Future

Mark Davis

President and ceo

Talented Leader

Russ Johns is an extremely talented individual. In addition to his broad technical knowledge, Russ is a strong motivator and leader of people. A workhorse, Russ never hesitates to step up to a challenge and assist others in the timely completion of complex assignments.

Marla Regan

Certified Productivity Coach

Podcasting Webinar

Russ has an amazing knowledge of technology. He recently lead an instructional webinar on Podcasting. His attention to detail and explaining podcasting was made easy to understand. He is passionate about the podcasting platform and truly has a desire to help bring understanding to this ever changing world of technology.

Cindy Stephens

Freelance Writer

A Fresh Perspective

Although I am a writer, it's a challenge for me to put into words the admiration I have for Russ's fresh perspective on everything he creates. His vision, his passion, and his out-of-the-box approach have all left an indelible impression on me. In being on the receiving end of his craft, I'm always needing to come back for more of whatever he's got.


Will I need a lot of equipment?

Not at all. This course will teach you how to get started with the minimal use of technology. 
Even starting with your phone will deliver results to make an impact on your business.  

Do I need to be Tech Savvy?

Hope. If you have been on a zoom session or a webinar in the past year, you have all the skills necessary to get started and make progress. 

What if I have questions?

We LOVE Questions.
The goal is to create a community we can all develop and improve together with.  The course is developed to allow access to get answers and help you make progress.   I'm committed you your success. 

Will you help get me started?

My mission in life is helping others create success in their journey.  You will not be alone and we're going to make progress together.  
I'm committed to your success and  helping you see the potential in your future. 

What if I don't have many connections?

That's part of why you need to sign up and start making an impact and investment in your future. We'll be reviewing what kind of connections are going to make the most impact.  We got this covered. 

Will This work if I don't like being on camera

There are many ways to share your talents and message. We're going to be covering all options in the course and allow you can decide where you care to start.  
We all start at zero and improve from there. 

A Personal Invitation

I believe that everyone has a gift and a message worth sharing. 

Using Video is the easiest way to amplify your message. 

You have to decide if you're going to invest in your gift and 
take the initiative to move you forward. 

My mission in life is to help as many people as possible and I invite you to be the one that is ready to Make It Matter

#kindnessiscool #smilesarefree